SuperBowl/Bernie Sanders/Katy Perry – something in common for advertisers?

Almost 20 years ago I produced my first TV infomercial for a calcium product and there was no way to purchase it other than to call an 800#. It sold tens of millions of dollars. Fast forward! Today, I’m writing commercials and brand campaigns for companies that have never used an 800# to acquire a customer while still serving clients who don’t believe “social media sells”.

Many agencies have jumped shipped from traditional marketing tactics for the shiny promise of emerging media. Other agencies are doing everything possible to keep traditional media profitable for those brands that haven’t figured out how to modify their message to new media vehicles. Who is correct? Both types of agencies! I am a big proponent of “selling where customers want to buy.” And I’m not alone.

The SuperBowl announces it will live stream all their ads. Good because TV viewers are leaving traditional TV viewing fast!

Katy Perry connects with her audience using Periscope and Meerkat to stream directly to her audience found and yet discovered. Fortune says in an article on this subject: “When asked by Mashable about the rise in live streaming video and its potential downsides (for example, fans might use it to illegally film concerts), Perry wisely responded by saying “you’ve got to embrace the future or you’re left behind … I embrace them mostly as long as they’re not obtrusive.”

And perhaps the surprise of all surprises is Bernie Sanders embracing Virtual Reality media in order to get his message to millennial voters. This election cycle, Reuters estimates that candidates will spend $1 billion on digital media advertising, about four times as much as 2012.

With all the GO DIGITAL evidence why would I allow Synergixx to ever produce another TV infomercial, Personal Endorsement Radio Campaign, Advertorial Print ad or take a call in the call center- why wouldn’t I steer all my clients to 100% digital and online ordering? Because I believe that consumers want a choice when engaging AND ordering. I also believe that CONTENT IS KING and can/should/must live in all mediums simultaneously BUT it must be done in a tailored way.

Seniors prefer traditional media, shop online and do engage in Facebook but they also like to speak to real people. Baby Boomers are savvy and will order online first when given a choice but they value opinions. GenXers love APPS and engage online but they still trust traditional media. Millennials are not loyal customers but they are fantastic taste testers and value shareable content and social proof. Know your primary and secondary audiences and cover all your bases!

When considering your product or service you must consider how to creatively tailor your message and key selling points using the “laws of the media” in which it plays in. Your CONTENT needs to be developed to serve all these audiences and channels of acquisition. You can still make money on TV infomercials and print ads. Radio works more than ever before. Social media does sell. Your message needs to be converted into the specific language of each of these mediums.

For all these reasons and more Synergixx keeps clients prepped for anything!