Total Campaign Management

At Synergixx, all of your creative, production, media and call center needs exist under one roof. Our seasoned Experts know how to tweak, polish, revitalize, up-brand, and maximize campaigns from every angle. We’ve produced some of the highest grossing nutritional TV infomercials of all time, lead the industry in radio infomercials, cracked the code of the Personal Endorsement Radio market and stay ahead of the game by blending traditional mediums with evolving media platforms. But that’s not why you want to work with US… it’s our honest passion for driving results that makes us YOUR long term partner.

We Multiply Your Marketing Reach

Imagine having more hands to get the job done! Our expertise is yours to grow with. Whether you are looking to increase product distribution, create new revenue streams or gain national brand awareness – Synergixx makes it easy. As your campaign managers, it is our job to seek out the best opportunities for your product or service. We forecast financial demands and campaign challenges to keep things running smoothly.

We can provide strategic direction for your direct response, retail or B2B project based on your infrastructure, media, and projected performance goals. At Synergixx, we are experts at designing and developing B2B, D2C and Non-Traditional campaigns for a variety of customers, from concept development to campaign implementation and fulfillment. We can design and test your creative; plan and buy your media; to setup the proper infrastructure and support services – customer service, telemarketing, fulfillment, customer relationship management, merchant processing, etc. It’s what we do best – all under one roof!

  • B2B and D2C specialists
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Vendor management
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting packages
  • Call center enhancement- Inbound, Outbound, Customer Service
  • Direct mail and catalog marketing
  • Media management- print, radio, TV, social, e-commerce, PI/PO
  • Spokesperson or celebrity talent negotiations
  • Third party upsells
  • Retail support strategy/distribution
  • Strategic alliances
  • New product development
  • Competitor research/advantage strategies
  • Sell direct to doctors
  • Help with campaign funding and VE positioning

Vendor Integration & Product Management

Putting the right team together is critical for any business. Synergixx will identify your specific needs and assemble a winning team made up of internal and external experts. We create your dream team maintaining open lines of communication. We work with and will introduce you to (if needed) the best in class vendors in the following fields: Talent, Fulfillment, Merchant Services, Web services, IVR, and Manufacturing. Synergixx is not a broker; we do not collect referral commissions from any vendor. We work solely for the Marketer so you can trust we have your best interest in mind at all times.