Complete TV/Radio
Production Services

Proven history of “big hits”

Synergixx is your turnkey solution to producing and distributing your idea to the masses! We specialize in producing winning campaigns to increase the success of your DRTV, Radio, Print or Online campaign, convert traffic to buyers, and increase your overall ROI.

That Extra Touch

Complete Production Services

Synergixx has produced hundreds of brand commercials, web-mercials, training videos, B2B sales videos and blockbuster infomercials on TV and radio, many of which are known as DRTV “legends” like Dual Action Cleanse, Coral Calcium and ProceraAVH. We will guide you through the pre-production, production, and post-production processes with the attention to detail you can only receive with a hands-on team like Synergixx.

  • HD Cameras and Red Cameras
  • In-House Studio and Satellite studios all over the US
  • Custom set design
  • Expert digital editing
  • 2D, 3D animation
  • Special effects
  • Copywriting
  • Product photography
  • Product packaging
  • Demonstration development
  • Testimonial handling

Create a Lightning Rod for Your Brand / Product / Service

Celebrity Talent

Looking for a Celebrity brand ambassador, social influencer or recognized expert to showcase, sell a product, or create excitement around your brand? Let us help you find the right person to make a huge impact at the right price.

Should you EVEN be using a celebrity? That is a question Synergixx answers every day. Adding the wrong talent or the right talent at the wrong price can set your campaign WAY back.  With our creative vision and strategic alliances we make this process easy and effective. We can help from the earliest planning stages through choosing who to partner with, how to execute the campaign, and how to evaluate its success.

Our strategic alliances with CelebExperts in the world of Hollywood Stars, Country Legends, Political Commentators, Olympic Athletes, Sports Icons, Fitness Gurus, Celebrity Chefs, Online Influencers, Authors, Doctors, and Beauty Experts help you elevate your brand to the next level without breaking the bank.

Celebrity and Brand Ambassador Management

  • Identify marketing, sales, sponsorship and Talent/Brand ambassadors
  • Review of past marketing spend vs. effectiveness and ROI on spend
  • Understanding of Talent assets – needs vs. wants vs. priority
  • Ability to leverage Talent within marketing strategy to drive sales and brand awareness
  • Train Talent to work better for your Brand
  • Direct vs Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar – how does a celebrity hurt or help
  • Cost vs. ROI analysis
  • Increase sales and brand visibility
  • Review current social media strategy(s).
  • Identify best social media platforms to create the best opportunities with a known face

Meeting with Goldie Hawn

Post TV shoot with Dr. Robert Rey from 90210 reality TV

On set with Laurie Dhue, former Fox News Anchor

Speaking at Shine Event w/ Forbes Riley

On set with celebrity Chef Jeffery Saad and former Fox News Anchor Suzanne Sena

Testimonial Acquisition

Testimonials are the most effective way to sell a product… from finding the willing testimonials, to helping coach them to succeed, and capturing their star power – we create a library of testimonials you can repurpose over and over.

That Extra Touch

As a creative shop, we are constantly testing and re-testing ideas to make sure that our products are adapting to the market. We test various creative campaigns and offers to make sure that your campaign has a viable pulse prior to rolling out. Utilizing social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more) via strong, compelling video and campaign support to boost ROI across the board we surround your customers. Always looking for ways to connect you to more revenue streams, we make introductions to strategic partners, vendors, manufacturers and distribution channels that can help grow your business.