Media Buying & Strategy

Proven history of purchased media

Through our proprietary media planning, tracking, and reporting system, Synergixx enables you to optimize your return on investment (“ROI”).

Our database of TV, radio, print, personal endorsement, direct mail and online media history allows us to build tailor-made media plans for our client’s campaigns, ensuring profitability and longevity. Niche products and smaller budget campaigns minimize risk using this information while larger scale clients use it to ramp up quickly. Synergixx’s unique strategy allows us to go deeper into national and local markets in TV and Radio while uncovering hidden gems in print and non-traditional media.

Our Media Opportunities

  • Long and Short Form TV commercials
  • Personal Endorsement Radio
  • Podcasting
  • Talk Radio Half Hour Shows
  • Spot Radio – nationally and locally
  • Advertorial Print and Magazines
  • PI/PO RISK FREE Media Networks

The Power of
“Word of Mouth” Radio Media

Explode your brand using this niche medium.

  • Trust and Influence – it’s what makes Personal Endorsement Radio Hosts so powerful… it’s “Word of Mouth” on a grand scale.
  • Engagement ‐ Radio Listeners are fully engaged in these programs and feel they have a personal relationship with the Radio Personalities.
  • Credibility ‐ When a trusted Radio Personality recommends products and services to their listeners, it delivers automatic credibility, star power and motivates the audience to action/purchase.
  • Connection – Radio Personalities have enormous connection over their audience. If they say go call an 800# or visit a specific website or watch a video on YouTube – their audience responds. This takes traditional spot radio into a new dimension!
  • Results ‐ Radio personalities have the power to influence purchasing decisions far beyond the levels of standard media campaigns for optimal ROI levels.

With over 10,000 radio stations in the U.S., it’s critical to choose the right personality, market, demo, and format. Unlike other agencies, Synergixx does not charge for creating the corresponding copy materials. From preparing the radio hosts to analyzing results, we diligently manage every aspect of the campaign.

Our success is based on our personal relationships with the hosts. They trust we will bring the quality products and help them every step of the way with continual constructive feedback to them throughout the campaign to optimize results.

Traditional Radio

Radio advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your products as it provides massive exposure to some of the most coveted markets, genres, and demographics at a very reasonable cost. But not all radio inventory is the same – especially for direct response. We  select, access and negotiate  the best rates on radio today. Whether you run short-form commercials or long form infomercials, the key to an effective radio advertising campaign is the right combination of creative media, airtime, message, reach and frequency.

  • Long Form Radio Infomercials
  • Spot Radio Advertising



Magazines are a great resource because they give large exposure to a segmented audience with a very well defined demographic profile. Magazines offer a great value, and have a shelf life that goes well beyond their issue date. We can help you select the most effective magazine media outlets for your direct response campaign, and track which of them performed the best.


Newspaper advertising is a very effective strategy for your products – especially senior products! It provides exposure to some of the most coveted demographics throughout all the major markets in the US. We can help you select the most effective local, regional or national newspapers. We develop and design the ad copy using our proven secrets in this medium


Why use Synergixx to manage your TV media rather than buy direct from an agency or station? Simple! We measure the effect of TV advertising differently!

  • Comparative database of results – we cross analyze hundreds of millions of dollars in historical results to reduce testing risk
  • Unique understanding of CPO, CPC, MER – we know the metric you need to focus on
  • Call center optimization – whether you use our call center or another we understand media stacking, agent ranking, and call flow distribution to maximize media
  • Top 20% Media – by managing multiple TV outlets we can aggregate the best of the best media for your campaign by being “outlet agnostic”

We represent your best interests when managing one of the most challenging mediums in the business.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy & Execution

At Synergixx we get the social media-sphere and generate content with strategic, savvy pins, posts, promotes, tweets, shares, tags, plus-1’s, adds, snaps, and beyond.

Content Is King!

One thing that has remained consistent through the years is that content is king. Google knows it, and we know it.

Our work is all completed manually (no automation here!) – We’re 100% hands on.

Our unique understanding of media allows us to tell you how your traditional media channels are impacting your social media channels and the other way round. We integrate your social media into every aspect of your business from sales, to customer service, to brand building, to relationship creation, to competitive advantage.

Blog Content & Management

Studies show that companies publishing 16+ blog posts per month garner almost 3.5X more traffic than companies publishing between 0 – 4 monthly posts. If you are not executing this way now – you are losing time and money. We can make up for lost time (literally) by handling your blog management! Our dedicated social media specialists will perform a number of services designed to grow your audience and establish your brand.

*Synergixx Secret Sauce Tip #112 – Ask about how we triple your social media exposure through Podcasting!

Social Media Icons
Social Media Icons