Synergixx’s agents are true experts in generating both sales and happy customers. When handling an inbound call, they’ll drive additional revenue to your bottom line by introducing more of your products and services. Inbound! Outbound! Customer Service! Count on us to service your customers’ phone calls 24/7 with little wait times and high-touch conversations. We provide you with customized daily and weekly summaries of all key performance metrics, comprehensive agent proficiency scoring, and call recordings upon request.

Inbound Customer Contact Center

Synergixx knows how to close! From our training program to our phone scripts, we are always focused on closing more sales and collecting more revenue for your campaign. We specialize in soft-offer calls that demand high average order values with multiple x-sell opportunities and continuity programs. We don’t take orders. We build your brand one sale at a time!

Our sales managers have all been call center agents, so they know how to close and coach others to close! In addition, our sales managers are responsible for creating revenue enhancement programs on the sales floor that benefit your campaign daily – they react to the sales environment in real time. We make sure we are maximizing the opportunities.

  • Talk Time Campaigns
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Pay Per Order Campaigns
  • Fixed Sales plus Commission

Our pricing models are customized to work with our clients’ needs to position them for rapid growth.


In today’s fast-paced world, many consumers prefer to engage with brands off the phone:  rapid response e-mail, live chat, text messaging and social media. You need trained Brand Ambassadors to engage with your customers digitally with the same commitment to lifetime customer value and revenue enhancement as you would expect from a live agent. We help you connect with your customers in their preferred method of communication increasing their overall satisfaction.

Revenue Enhancement Specialists

Synergixx implements cost-effective, profit-driven customer retention call campaigns that include:

  • Effective Customer Service Support
  • Save-The-Sales
  • 24 Hour Welcome Calls
  • Check-In Calls
  • Online Chat Support
  • Rev Boost Calls

These campaigns keep customers coming back to your product or service. We blend the right mix of outbound telemarketing, email and social media to your non-buyers and inactive customer database. We make custom offers specific to your campaign in order to recover lost up front revenue and build a database of customers that can be marketed to again and again.

Customer Service Contact Center

Make no mistake that Synergixx believes Customer Service is a revenue center for any business so we develop customized programs to generate additional revenue to your bottom line.  Synergixx provides world-class concierge-level customer service. We do this by hiring customer care agents of the highest caliber and committing to their training and quality. Our dedicated agents feel like an extension of your company. When handling customer service calls they resolve customer issues while enhancing the customer’s overall experience.


It is reported that 71% of consumers who experience a positive brand response on social media will most likely recommend that brand to a friend, and spend 20-40% more on that brand themselves. At a rate never before seen customers are connecting with companies through social media. This has unlocked a whole new market of customers for most businesses BUT now you have to service those customers on their time and their preferred platform.

Our customer care team will monitor blogs, message boards, consumer reviews, and other websites 24/7 to ensure that any negative content posted online about your company is managed, and often, removed altogether. Contact us for a free audit and consultation.

Training and Quality

Our greatest strength is our agents; it’s through our dedicated workforce that we’re able to consistently provide an exceptional customer experience. We’re proud to hire employees of the highest caliber who become experts in your product.

  • Classroom training sessions
  • Peer coaching
  • Live Monitoring and Whisper Coaching
  • Skype Sessions with Clients/Experts
  • Quizzes
  • Customized training materials and video
  • Quality Assurance Scorecard

Quality can be accurately measured through live monitoring and scoring. On-going call reviews are conducted on all agents. If they fall short they are placed in a one-week retraining program coached by senior management and paired with a star rep until their scores improve. We take training and quality control seriously.


Collaboratively develop agent scripting to increase sales conversions, enhance average order value and meet applicable laws and regulations while exceeding customer expectations.



Media and fulfillment exports, report design for key metrics, training guidelines, and standard operating procedures for existing campaigns, products, services and future tests.


At Synergixx we are data geeks! We deliver detailed call reports, revenue reports, call reviews, and projections to you in a timely manner. Not only will we provide this data, but we will also help you understand it, and make actionable decisions based upon it.


Track your calls through our online data portal and access streaming reporting from anywhere. Creating transparency allows our clients to grow faster. Your goals are our goals!


We welcome our clients to develop a one-on-one connection with our dedicated agents. They are part of your brand after all. By providing access to our sales force Synergixx creates a unique level of personal connection in the call center.


Our agents who get the best results for you and your campaign(s) make your business more successful. Daily, weekly, monthly we are adjusting our agent teams to bring you the best agents for your calls. Hear a call from an agent that you love? We’ll make sure that agent answers more of your calls!