Synergixx Services

Synergixx is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing and media needs. Use our resources all together for maximum impact or try us ala carte style to enhance your existing campaigns.

We have accumulated years of direct-to-consumer experience by working with a vast group of well-regarded and notable marketers, media partners, manufacturers and experts.

The company’s focus is on creating holistic campaigns with longevity using new media opportunities that produce sales results specific to your product or service – in any area you have a customer waiting to buy. Synergixx has repeatedly brought innovation to the direct-to-consumer and retail space with our unique understanding of traditional media and how to blend it with emerging media while surrounding brands with the support services that lock in their customer: creative concepts, media planning, call center, customer service and back-end management.

Total Campaign Management
Media Buying & Strategy
Call Center Solution
Corporate Consultant