Is Your Product Missing Out on Personal Endorsement Radio – Odds Are – YES!

Is Your Product Missing Out on Personal Endorsement Radio – Odds Are – YES!

No one listens to traditional radio anymore! It’s all about the online experience! Video killed the radio star, remember!
No! No! And No, Again!

93% of all Americans 12 or older continue to turn to Radio weekly for news, information and entertainment – DESPITE the vast selection of media options.

Morning-drive commute. Drive-time. Travel-time. You name the time and people are listening to their favorite radio personalities. And here is the secret! Anyone can download their favorite song selections and by-pass traditional radio and all the advertising noise. But if you are addicted to your favorite radio personality you’ll tune-in routinely and even pay attention to the commercials!

Think about it. How many movies have you seen where the hero uses a radio to save the world, get home, or win the girl (Martian, ET, Stand and Deliver). Radio is here to stay and has a distinct advantage in native native advertising.

Now, consider the power radio personalities have in this unique medium!


Clearchannel CEO Bob Pittman is quoted, “TV is wonderful but the media mix is out of whack — radio deserves a lot more than it gets,” Pittman further describes a friend who runs a film company who found that “60% of people heard about the movie on TV, 20% on radio. Then he looked at his ad spend and realized he’d spend 80% on TV and 3% on radio.”

According to a study conducted by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism:

  • 75% of study respondents reported that they turn on the radio because they know their favorite personality is on the air.
  • 72% of respondents talk to their friends about their favorite radio personality or what they heard on the program.
  • 52% stated their favorite personality influences their opinion.
  • 51% considered or purchased a product advertised during their favorite personality’s show.

Personal radio celebrity endorsements exist in very targeted segments such as conservative talk, entertainment, business, health, and more specialized categories that range in the hundreds. The nature of radio allows for both structured and organic ad campaigns. Evolving technology allows certain radio personalities to collide with online TV giving marketers a bonus lift in exposure and sales. The key is understanding which Personality has the audience to justify their endorsement rates and more importantly that their audience responds with a credit card. Your product or service can be brought to life in a number of different ways can be customized by brand:

  • Authentic chatter inside their shows
  • Personal experiences conveyed to listeners
  • On-air mentions/billboards/promos
  • Interviews
  • Online TV Appearances
  • Cross Over Media

Radio advertising does not replace TV advertising but it should take over more of your 2016 ad budgets. To find out how your brand can thrive on the air with some of the most respected names in radio call Synergixx for an direct strategy using our 20 years of personal endorsement radio celebrity relationships. 800-610-1771 or