Connecting the Old Fashioned Way – Face to Face!

by: Charlie Fusco – CEO,TV/Radio Host, Creative Visionary

In a period ruled by email, text and APPS meeting people has become exponentially easier. Connecting with people not so much. Good old fashioned face-to-face connection still trumps efficient technology when it comes to creating dynamic teams and long-time partners. This is why the next 4 months will be a flurry of activity as I embark on a face-to-face tour and connect with clients, vendors, inventors, investors and talent to set-up for Q4 success. I offer my travel schedule to encourage you to reach out and connect too. If I’m in your city and you want to talk about how to launch new products with less risk, produce creative more cost effectively, plan media with more immediate response and optimize your customer sales I’d be happy to make time to meet with you directly.


  • 11th-12th –NYC
  • 13th – Los Angeles
  • 14th – Boston
  • 17th-19th – Connecticut
  • 27th-28th – Austin


  • 8th-9th – Austin
  • 11th-14th – London
  • 17-19 – Baltimore
  • 24th-25th – Austin


  • 6th-8th – Las Vegas
  • 9th-11th- Dallas
  • 17th-22nd– North Carolina